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Home Healthcare


The Salem Area Visiting Nurse Association Provides comprehensive intermittent skilled nursing services. Our goal is to maximize and maintain our patients independence and disease knowledge and treatment.

General Principles Governing Reasonable and Necessary Skilled Nursing Care:

1. Must be provided by RN or LPN.
If the service can be performed by average non-medical person without nursing supervision, it cannot be provided as a skilled service.
2. Services must be reasonable & necessary to the treatment of patient's illness or injury.
3. A physician must order the skilled care and services.
4. For Medicare coverage, the client must be homebound.

Situations that would require skilled nursing services:
1. Observation and assessment of the patient condition that requires the specialized skills of medical personnel.
2. Underlying condition or complications requiring evaluation by a nurse.
3. Teaching or training activities that require a nurse to teach patient, family or caregivers.
4. Administration of Medications (IV, IM, or SQ injections) that require skills of a nurse. Not oral medications unless the skills of a nurse are required to detect side effects or reactions. Not eye drops or topical ointments.
5. Tube feedings, Catheters, IV and Wound care, Ostomy Care - post op period and if complications.


Physical Therapy:

Evaluation and treatment utilizing activities such as bed mobility, transfers, walking, stair climbing and pain management. Our patients maximize their potential by learning exercises to regain the use of their muscles or adapting to their physical limitations.

Speech Therapy:
These services are offered to all age patients with language deficits or swallowing problems. Our therapists assist patients in relearning to speak, read or write. They also provide an evaluation of speech and language potential along with testing for hearing status.

Occupational Therapy:
Evaluation and treatment focus on improving hand/arm flinction and daily living skills. Improvement is achieved by retraining patients in dressing, bathing, and household tasks. Treatment goals are met through the use of adaptive equipment to accommodate the patient's disability and education to maximize the patient's daily living skills.


Our behavioral health homecare program assists the patients and their family/caregivers in the identification and treatment of human responses to actual or potential mental health problems. Our behavioral health nurses provide consultation and comprehensive services for the promotion of optimal mental health, prevention of mental illness, behavioral and physical management of known health problems and assist with referrals for further diagnosis and treatment.

State of the art assessment tools and national clinical practice guidelines provide the foundation for our behavioral health program. Emphasis is placed upon Health Promotion, Health Maintenance, Case Management, Self-Care Activities, Health Teaching, Counseling, Community linkage, and Advocacy. Interventions provided take into account the biologic, cultural, environmental, psychological and social needs of the individual.

Our behavioral health nurses can assist patients with issues of aging, loss, grief, changes in self image, and life processes. Feelings of depression, stress, anxiety, fear, anger, loneliness and grief can be addressed and treated.


Maternal/Child Health Program - More and more mothers and their infants are being discharged from the hospital within 24 to 48 hours of delivery. Our staff of competent, caring and specially trained nurses are ready to assist you with your transition home. Professional nursing services are available for you and your infant in the comfort of your home. Our services include a complete and in-depth assessment of both mother and child. Hands-on assistance is provided with newborn care and feeding. We answer questions about you and your baby. Phototherapy (for jaundice) and home infusion therapy may also be provided. We play a key role in the prevention of costly hospital readmissions.

Pediatric Nursing Services - Our pediatric home care program helps both parents and children adapt to in-home medical care. Our specially trained pediatric nurses instruct and answer questions regarding skilled care. They provide a complete physical and developmental assessment. Hands-on assistance with newborn care and feeding. Apnea Monitoring, Phototherapy(for jaundice) and Pulse Oximetry can be provided in the home. We are able to provide skilled home infusion therapy including antibiotic, chemotherapy, pain control, TPN and venous access maintenance.


Lifeline - Accidents and medical emergencies can happen at any time to anyone. It's important to get assistance quickly. Having a Lifeline Personal Response System allows a person to feel confident that help will be available in a sudden emergency.

Getting Help is as Easy as A B C ...
A. Press your personal transmitter button on your Help Console.
B. The Help Console signals the Lifeline Response Center.
C. A trained operator will respond and send help.

Lifeline is designed for use by people of any age:
• The elderly who live alone.
• Recuperating patients at home.
• People with chronic illness.
• People who are physically challenged.
• Families of newborns or young children.
• Latchkey children who may be by themselves after school.


Salem Area VNA offers high tech Intravenous Therapies making it possible for patients to return to familiar surroundings and the comfort of their own home. Our professional IV therapists are trained to administer and educate on Chemotherapy, IV Antibiotics, Pain Management, and TPN under the supervision of the patient's physician.



Salem Area VNA offers Certified Home Health Aide services to provide personal care to clients. They are trained to perform and educate caregivers on bathing, grooming and oral hygiene care. By providing this service, our home health aides assist the client and family in achieving physical and emotional comfort.


All home care clients are screened on admission to identify patients who are at risk for poor nutritional health and require further assessment. Any disease, chronic condition or illness that makes it difficult for you to eat, may put your nutritional health at risk. Our licensed dietitian is trained to help our clients manage their dietary obstacles without jeopardizing their nutrition.

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Our services include a licensed dietitian who assists those patients referred to her by the doctor with the nutritional aspects of their care. These services include help with medically prescribed diets, tube feedings or normal nutrition for patients just not eating well. Our dietitian specializes in individualizing diets to meet the needs of the particular patient. Since healing and staying as healthy as possible both have important components, the dietitian's input can be crucial.

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